John Coveney

John Coveney (General Contractor) bring 30+ years of experience as a contractor in the Bay Area to the table. Specializing in residential and small commercial remodeling, he draws practical wisdom and rounded expertise from three decades of experience in ground-up building, small commercial work, high-end interior remodels, and creative projects.

Most recently John Coveney General Contractor has shifted from construction labor to consulting, filling a need for honest and informed advice in what can become sometimes expensive, overwhelming, and technical projects in residential or commercial improvements. Consulting as a neutral party, John can offer a knowledgeable evaluation to help clients make smart and informed choices about their projects.

As a tradesperson, first as a carpenter, then foreman, then site supervisor, John has expertise not only in getting the job done but coordinating the project from start to finish including multiple trades and specialized tradespeople (architects, contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc.). His three decades of work in the Bay Area make him well connected to experts and craftspeople in construction and construction related fields. As a part of consulting, John can help clients form a team of contractors to make sure their project is done right the first time.

As a small business owner, John is familiar with the complexities of performing the work and staying profitable, or, high quality and cost appropriate work. The goal of his contracting business has never been to be large, instead preferring to stay “mean and lean.” With this focus and transition to consulting, John is connected to and proud of his work and able to communicate and collaborate with his clients to ensure their satisfaction with the finished project.